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Our Purpose Is To Give Healthcare Payers

Peace Of Mind On Their Healthcare Bills.


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At Benjamin & Joseph our mission and purpose is to give healthcare payers peace of mind through an in-depth and comprehensive examination of all the medical bills that they are paying for.


From outpatient GP bills to complex 90-day inpatient cases, we work with both the healthcare provider and payer to help ensure the integrity of every bill we audit.


We have the ability to audit medical bills of all forms (hardcopy and softcopy) using our trademark medical bill audit platform Sherlock™. In addition, we have developed proprietary audit processes (Beekeeper™) to ensure that every bill is audited in a consistent and reliable manner.


We are flexible in our approach and seek to first understand your current pain-points and corporate strategy, in order to work with you and your team members to design a customized solution that will deliver sustainable cost-savings, enhanced long-term relationships with healthcare providers, and greater customer satisfaction.

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Our Approach To Medical Bill Auditing:

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Meet The Founder.

Our team of medical bill auditors is led by Benjamin Tan, whose first experience with medical bill auditing included tackling a $800,000 “mega-bill” armed with a ruler, pencil, a calculator, and his then 10 years of experience in the private healthcare industry.


His experience with auditing that batch of bills (which resulted in over $50,000 in savings for the payer) led him to conclude that there was much to be done in the healthcare industry that he loved.

Motivated by his initial success and discovery of the depth of issues that plagued medical billing, he reached out to engage more professionals in the healthcare industry to join him.  Shortly after, he was blessed to have talent who were just as driven join him, including Angeline Liu.

Benjamin is also co-founder of three successful healthcare startups and the creator of Sherlock and Beekeeper.

Benjamin Tan MHSM, EMBA, PMP, CFE


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