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Surprise Beginnings

In early 2015, our founder Benjamin Tan was given five rather large (literally & figuratively) medical bills to review during a meeting on a totally unrelated matter with the ambassador of a prominent nation in Singapore. Weary of the seemingly exponential cost of the bills his embassy was paying for, the ambassador sought assistance to understand why this was so.

Bemused but eager to help, Benjamin took to the task readily with a pencil, ruler, calculator, and a notepad. Based on his years of experience, insight from his network of healthcare veterans, as well as relentless Google Advanced Searches, he turned up with several eyebrow-raising discoveries...

Image by iMattSmart

Insights That Mattered

From the double charging of consumables and seemingly unrelated services and items, there was no shortage of queries for the healthcare providers in question. After presenting his report and plenty of tos and fros substantial cost savings were achieved, including $50,000 on a single bill.

Contrary to popular perception however, data from even the initial audits showed that the majority of the discrepancies were related to clerical errors 

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