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Leverage On Our 

Practical Use Of Technology Via Sherlock™.


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Sherlock™ Doubles 

Productivity, Enhances Outcomes & Delivers Actionable Data To & For Our Clients..

Proprietary Medical Bill Audit Technology:

Cloud Native

Cloud Native Platform Allows Secure Deployments Anywhere Around The World

OCR Vision

Powered by Google Vision AI, Sherlock's OCR Enables Automated Line Item Analysis 

Workflow Streamliner

OpenAPI Standard Facilitates Quick adoption & Streamlined Workflows With Compatible Services

Audit Algorithms

Proprietary & Robust Audit Algorithms Allows Universal Line-Item Analysis Across Healthcare Providers

Facilitating Clear & Secure Communications:

Zero Hardcopy

No More Hardcopy Bills Equals Higher Productivity, Security, & Efficiency 


Minimize Data Security & Privacy Risks By Minimizing Bill Movements

Flexible Access

All Bills May Be Referred To By Authorized Users Anywhere & Anytime

Time Saving

 Queries May Be Directed Straight To The Line Item In Question


Full Audit Trail With Time Stamps On Every Point Of Communication 

System Overview Of Sherlock™

Sherlock Chart.jpeg
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